Anxiety Disorder Timeline

This is a quick timeline to reference if you are every wondering how long it took for the anxiety medication to work. You will also see that it took some time to find one that I felt comfortable with.

October 2010

  • 10/26/10: Started taking Prozac

November 2010

  • 11/01/10: Had a massive Panic Attack and ended up in the ER
  • 11/10/10: Went to see a psychologist
  • 11/11/10: Went to see a psychiatrist
  • 11/11/10: Started taking Zoloft and Clonazepam
  • 11/13/10: Stop taking Zoloft
  • 11/15/10: Switched from Clonazepam to Xanax

December 2010

  • Continued to see my doctors and take Xanax four times/day

January 2011

  •  1/11/11: Fled work for the third time and could no longer drive
  •  1/12/11: Agreed to try another SSRI – Pexeva, at a very low dose
  •  1/14/11: Could no longer go to work and filed for short-term disability
    • Afraid to drive
    • Afraid to leave the house
    • Afraid to eat
    • Afraid to take medication
  •  1/17/11: Tried hypnosis and had a panic attack during the session
    • Was able to drive, nervously
  •  1/21/11: Reached the dose on Pexeva that the psychiatrist wanted me on

February 2011

  • 2/10/11: Xanax no longer works, switching to Xanax XR (extended release)
  • 2/28/11: Back to work from short-term disability – managing with Xanax XR

March 2011


April 2011

  • 4/28/11: Feel a tiny bit better!
    • Fourteen weeks on Pexeva and on Xanax XR 3 times/day

May 2011

  •  5/21/11: Finally woke up ok!
    • First time not gasping for air, or shaking in the middle of the night
    • First time without butterflies in my stomach
    • It’s a miracle!

June 2011

  • Good month! Same dose for Pexeva, taking Xanax once per day

July 2011

  • Good month! Same dose for Pexeva, taking Xanax once per day

August 2011

  • 8/24/11: NO XANAX

September 2011

  • 9/21/11: FEEL GREAT! Better than ever! 🙂
  • 9/24/11: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!