The Beginning of an anxiety disorder

Short Stories – My Mom

The person at this time who helped me the most, was my mom. It's true that when you are sick, your mom is the one you want. Even as a grown woman, with children of my own, the only person I felt I could truly depend on and lean on, was my mom. I am… Continue reading Short Stories – My Mom

Recovering from an Anxiety Disorder

Short Stories – My Husband

Anxiety Medication Takes Time to Work I have been on Pexeva and Xanax XR for 4 weeks. Most people start to feel better after 2 weeks. I have never been like most people when it comes to anything medical or health related. For example, I am allergic to some tree in Africa, that nobody else in… Continue reading Short Stories – My Husband

Getting Help for an Anxiety Disorder

Getting a 2nd Opinion

Week 3 on Pexeva and Xanax XR and NO CHANGE! I added another professional to my team of doctors. I realized that my Obstetrician, whom I LOVE, has to deal with women's health issues all of the time. My husband had become friends with him, because of fishing, of course. My husband gave him a… Continue reading Getting a 2nd Opinion

Getting Help for an Anxiety Disorder

Restart Week 1 on Pexeva

I call it a restart because I tripled the dose of Pexeva. This is week 1 on the "right" dose. Every day and night is the same as the last and it is getting old and exhausting. Racing heart, shortness of breath, nervous stomach, blah, blah, blah!!!! I am sooooo sick of it. One day my husband… Continue reading Restart Week 1 on Pexeva

Getting Help for an Anxiety Disorder

Week 2 on Pexeva

My mom drove me to my next appointment to see the psychiatrist. I could no longer think, or talk about what was happening to me. My mom, however, had plenty to say. She told the doctor that she wanted me off of every pill and wanted answers. She told him she did not recognize the woman sitting next to… Continue reading Week 2 on Pexeva

The Beginning of an anxiety disorder

Week 1 on Pexeva…

I had been taking small doses of Pexeva for one week and continued taking Xanax about five times a day.  There was no change. I was waking up every night at exactly four hours after taking a Xanax, gasping for air and shaking. It was hard to take the next Xanax, because my hands were shaking so hard that I could not open… Continue reading Week 1 on Pexeva…

Getting Help for an Anxiety Disorder, The Beginning of an anxiety disorder

Short Term Disability

I had been struggling for two months now since THE panic attack at work. Finally on 1/14/11, I was defeated. All of my irrational fears were front and center. I was afraid to drive, afraid to eat and afraid to take medicine. I would not step foot in my car and I had lost about twenty pounds. Xanax… Continue reading Short Term Disability

The Beginning of an anxiety disorder

Happy New Year – 2011

School and work are back in session! I had survived the holidays and Christmas break with high doses of Xanax, four times per day. My calendar for the next two weeks is pretty normal. I work Monday through Friday and have several meetings at work. I have a weekly psychologist appointment and a weekly psychiatrist appointment. My husband is at… Continue reading Happy New Year – 2011

Getting Help for an Anxiety Disorder


Xanax During the Holidays "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" I LOVE the holidays!! I LOVE to entertain!! I LOVE to cook and bake!! I LOVE to buy presents!! Imagine my dismay, when I could not do ANY of those things! I had been keeping a journal during this time and keeping track of the medications I had tried. I did this… Continue reading Xanax!

Getting Help for an Anxiety Disorder

Symptom or Side Effect?!?

Zoloft - Side Effects of Anxiety Symptoms The first medication I tried after THE panic attack was Zoloft. I took it for two days and panicked. I remember it was a Saturday and my mom and sister were visiting. As I sat on the couch talking about Lord knows what, I started to feel a panic attack coming. Their… Continue reading Symptom or Side Effect?!?