Self Care


Reading for Anxiety
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  • The Rain Barrel Effect by Stephen Cabral. Stephen Cabral is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor who has a wealth of information on healing the body naturally. You can buy the book on his site:
  • Secrets of Serotonin by Carol HartI totally believe anxiety disorders and depression are sometimes related to a serotonin deficiency. This books explains how Serotonin can completely change your mood. I am reading this book to figure out how to increase levels of the hormone in my own brain!


Music for anxiety
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  • Stephen Cabral’s podcast. He is the author of the Rain Barrel Effect book that I am reading. Again, there is just so much information he is willing to share, about overall health and wellness. He focuses on Ayurvedic medicine which is all about finding the root causes of all health problems. His podcast can be found here:
  • The Skinny Confidential (TSC) him and her podcast. This is my guilty pleasure. I am listening to this podcast mostly for self care. Lauren Everts is a millennial and they are really good at self care! She recommends products for your health, for your skin, relaxation and overall wellness. You can find the podcast here:
  • Jillian Michaels: My favorite personal trainer is and always will be Jillian Michaels! Since the days of The Biggest Loser, I became a fan. I have all of her workout DVD’s, and apps. I discovered The Skinny Confidential blog through Jillian, because she had Lauren Everts on her podcast. If Jillian interviews someone, I will give it a shot! Jillian’s podcast can be found here:


yoga for anxiety
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  • Fitness Pal: To keep track of calories and keep myself in check, I track everything on the My Fitness Pal App. Using this App, I discovered that eating too much sugar, which was not that much for me, caused my inflammation. You can find the App here:
  • Fit Star Yoga: This is a great yoga app to help stretch and relax my muscles, especially the tension in my neck and shoulders. No, the pain is not from your bed or pillow, it is tension! It is a good beginner app if you are already in some shape. I love it! You can find it here:
  • Fitbit: This is a fun way to track your steps and compete with others. It also tracks your sleep habits and heart rate, which is good to look at when you have an anxiety disorder. It is all linked. You can buy your fitbit here:

Look me up and invite me to a fit bit challenge!


  • Yoga with Adrienne: This is a GREAT beginner practice. Her voice is so calming and natural! It takes any stress over doing yoga, away. Those of us with OCD, can get a little obsessive about do the practice perfectly, but she immediately removes those negative thoughts! It’s easy enough to do, but you definitely get a lot out of it.


aromatherapy for anxiety
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Aromatherapy doesn’t always work for me. I tend to focus on the sound of the diffuser, or the scents too much. Again, OCD. This is the diffuser I use, which is quite, has a shut off timer and make a soothing sound.

My favorite oils for anxiety are Eucalyptus and Frankencense. I like to mix the two together. I have heard that Vetiver is good for anxiety, but the aroma takes some getting use to. You may want to mix it with a familiar scent first.