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Exercise is GREAT for Anxiety! Let’s Get Started!

Why Don’t I Exercise?

I know exercise is good for anxiety and I will feel awesome after I do it. If I’m consistent with it, I’ll be in amazing shape and look nice and fit too! So why haven’t I started working out again?

No Energy to Exercise

Life is tiring! There’s cleaning, cooking and laundry. If you have kids, triple that and add homework, bathing them, or after school activities, depending on their ages. If you work, there’s that too and paying the bills. That’s enough for most people to skip their workout. Add ANXIETY and now you’re mentally tired as well. It doesn’t end there…

Anxiety Medications and Side Effects

If you are taking an SSRI, like Paxil, or Zoloft, or on a benzodiazepine like Xanax, it can be extra hard to get started on a workout routine. These medications are calming. They have to be, if you are taking them for an anxiety disorder! The side effect is feeling tired, sluggish, almost lazy. That’s my excuse! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’ll take calm over anxiety any day, but I also want to have energy.

SSRI’s and Weight Gain

Most people taking SSRI’s, 💊 gain weight as a side effect. It must be due to the calming effects of the medication and lack of energy. I notice I don’t move as much as before. I use to have anxiety over sitting down and doing nothing. I couldn’t bare to “waste” a second and relaxing was a waste of time! Now, I am perfectly content doing nothing! I value down time and relaxation.

Finding Balance on Anxiety Meds

Going to the gym three or four times a week for hours is not realistic for me. Sitting on the couch for hours, although totally doable, is not great for me either.

I need to make a change! I have started a few things:

One: Walk around the neighborhood for at least 20 minutes. I usually come home and change into something comfy, like a T-shirt and shorts. All I have to do is throw on a pair of flip flops and GO! I’m just walking, right? I don’t need sneakers, or a sports bra, or anything fancy. I can listen to a podcast or music as I walk.

Two: Set a realistic goal on my Fitbit and STICK to it! Right now it’s 5,000 steps. I work at a desk in front of a computer. Sometimes I don’t get up until lunch time! How am I supposed to hit 10,000 steps?

And lastly, three: I’m doing something fun and engaging others to join me!

31 Day Fitness Challenge

This is perfect! 5 simple exercises for 31 days! It’s all laid out. I don’t have to think about what to do, or how many sets, or reps. These exercise are simple but TOUGH and EFFECTIVE!! I did day 1 on Sunday (yesterday) as a warm up and I was SO SORE TODAY!! it was laughable! I did it again today, for the REAL day 1 and it was QUICK! It was much harder since my abs are KILLING me, but doable.


Who wants to do this with me!? All you have to do is comment “done” every time you finish your routine for the day. Just seeing others doing it well motivate me to complete it too!

Will you join me?? The link above shows the full 31 day challenge. Let’s do it!!! Today is day 1, join me for day 2-31!

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