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Exercising for Anxiety

Exercise Reduces Anxiety

One of the natural ways to reduce anxiety, is exercise. In my twenties, I exercised A LOT. I went to a gym twice a day and was in great shape. Is it a coincidence that during that time, I barely had ANY panic attacks? I think not.

I know that exercise will help, but I am still not doing it. Is it that I am unmotivated? Could it just be that I am too tired? Are the medications keeping me down? The answer to these questions is YES. I am unmotivated, I am tired and one of the side effects of the medication I am on is tiredness. What do I do?

The same thing everyone else does. Push through it. I know how to workout and I have done it most of my life. I’ve been to the gym thousands of times and used free weights and machines. I have done all kinds of classes at the gym as well. In my home I have everything I would need – a mat, weights, videos and apps.

Where to start with exercise?

The problem is that I am not 20 anymore. I am 44 and out of shape. When I was 20, I did not start by working out every day for two hours. I started SLOWLY and worked up to my crazy routine. In my mind, I feel like I can do the same thing now, that I was doing years ago. Well, I can’t. I need to start slowly like when I started in my twenties. Now that I am in my forties, I need to start even slower!

Set a goal, like walking!

Today, I am going to set a new goal. I have a fitbit and my goal is just 6,000 steps. I NEVER make it. I work in an office, at a desk all day. I get involved in my work and do not get up hardly ever. I ignore my goal and the reminders I have set. This stops now.

There is no reason I cannot walk 6,000 steps in a day. Starting today, I will make it a point to fulfill this goal at least 4 times a week – I have to be realistic.

Join me!

If you have a fitbit, please invite me to join your community and we can do a challenge together. I should be easy to find: “Ainel Varona”.

Let’s get exercising!!

Any tips for getting started, besides JUST START!? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Exercising for Anxiety”

      1. Yes, I run for mental health probably more than any other reason. The endorphins help me so much. Yoga is also good for that, but ease in slowly. Tight muscles can get injured easily.

      2. I tried running last year but I just don’t like it. Walking is nice. Yoga is great. Let’s see. Today, I’m walking! Lol!

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