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Anxiety in my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s

Every phase in life has its challenges and anxiety will usually be part of it in some way. Anxiety can be a good thing! It will motivate you to take action when you are not happy with some aspect of you life. Anxiety over your job makes you want to change it. Anxiety over your body motivates you to go to the gym. Anxiety over not seeing the world encourages you to travel. Anxiety over missing your friends, or family leads you to hosting a party! This type of anxiety is GREAT! It’s a positive energy.

When the anxiety is too high, you will STOP being productive. You will be frozen in time. It keeps you trapped in your mind and obsessed with your thoughts and fears. That is when you need to get help.

This is the evolution of my anxiety and what was causing it in the different phases of my life…

Anxiety in my early 20’s

Anxiety in my mid 20’s

Anxiety in my late 20’s

Anxiety in my early 30’s

Anxiety DISORDER in my mid 30’s

Anxiety in my early 40’s (on medication)

I always had anxiety and mild panic, but you can clearly see where it spiraled out of control. Know when to get help. It’s ok to take medication for a mental health issue if it means you can enjoy life again and be present. You can always stop taking medication when you feel you are ready…

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