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My Theory on Cubans and Anxiety

Growing up, I vaguely remember hearing my grandmother talking on the phone about other family members. It seemed everyone had “una enfermedad de los nervios”. Translation: a condition that affected the nervous system (anxiety).

Also, growing up, I heard stories about how wonderful the old pre-Castro Cuba was. It seemed Cubans were always having a good time! They were always surrounded with extended family members, celebrating something, eating, drinking coffee and dancing salsa and merengue!

It was island living at its finest. There were beautiful beaches, tropical fruits and lots of down time. Cubans were always relaxed and drinking mojitos.

Fast forward years later, Cubans are no longer living on an island, no longer celebrating and not really having any down time. Visits with extended family members are few and far between. From one day to the next, they left the tranquility of old Cuba to the hustle and bustle of the US.

Our ancestors did not have time to evolve. Neurotransmitters like Serotonin, which keep us calm, were never developed in the Cuban body, in the quantities needed now!

The only solution is that if you are of Cuban descent (like me) you must quit your job, sell all of your assets and move to an island, stat! You must purchase a small, easy to care for bungalow, right on the beach.

Become a bartender, braid hair, rent paddle boards, or teach yoga! You can also become a fisherman! Any job that promotes health, wellness, or relaxation will do…

Good luck and send me your address when you get there! I’ll be visiting!

(Just a little humor)

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