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Back to School Anxiety

This post is not about MY anxiety over my kids going back to school. I have absolutely NO anxiety about that! I can’t wait, actually! This post is about the kids who might be suffering from anxiety or some other mental disorder themselves and how they might feel going back to school.

So many children these days are suffering from one type of mental disorder or another. Every time I talk to a parent, it seems they have a child dealing with something. Whether it is ADHD, Anxiety, Tics, Autism, OCD, Depression, or something else, this makes them a target.

As the first day of school quickly approaches, let’s remind our kids to be kind to one another and to be inclusive. I know we cannot control everything our kids say, or do, but we can try to set the foundation for them to be kind to one another, regardless of their differences, and to help each other out.

Ten days left! (not that I’m counting!)

Good luck teachers!

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