Getting Help for an Anxiety Disorder, Root Causes of Anxiety

Can it be my Thyroid?

I know I’ve been preaching anxiety meds and I mean it! You need to get panic attacks and Agoraphobia under control quickly! As I mentioned, I am also exploring the root causes of anxiety and panic, now that I can actually think.

I have been doing a lot of research and it keeps pointing me to the THYROID. Today was the icing on the cake!

I listen to a podcast every morning on various topics. Today I decided to listen to Dr. Cabral’s podcast 901: “The 9 Silent Symptoms That Spell Disaster”. I had and still have several of the symptoms (i.e. anxiety, insomnia and weight gain) and even though I have tested my thyroid, apparently a regular blood test does not test deep enough.

I immediately contacted a friend who recently mentioned that the cause of her anxiety was her thyroid. Her thyroid tested fine on a regular blood test as well. When she went to a Naturopathic doctor, she was tested further and she did have a low functioning thyroid. She addressed the issues and her anxiety as well as other symptoms, disappeared.

Dr. Cabral has tests that can be shipped to your house. I have not done them yet because they are a little expensive, but I plan to. I will continue to share my journey on my blog, which will include the tests, the results and the action plan.

If you are suffering from anxiety, please listen to this podcast and see if any or all of the symptoms sounds familiar. You never know!

If anyone has any experience with Thyroid issues and thought it was anxiety, please comment. I would love to hear your story!


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