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Tips: Not Sleeping!

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I need to figure out how to sleep. I simply cannot do it. Does anyone have any tips? Has anyone tried CBD oil? Please do not reply if you are reading this between midnight and 4:00am because clearly you have not figured it out either. 🤣

This is what I have tried:

No coffee after 2:00pm: this was big because I was drinking coffee all day long! I didn’t see a difference when I reduced it.

Tea: I HATE tea so don’t even mention it.

Melatonin: this gave me crazy nightmares! I took half of the dose and it was the same.

Meditation: this works sometimes. I tried the “Headspace” app and loved it, but I can only do it when my husband is working. If you have trouble sleeping and your spouse, or partner won’t make fun of you, give it a try!

Binaural Beats: this made me crazy. I kept trying to figure out if I was hearing the beats with my left ear or right ear! I didn’t care for the “beat” either. Maybe I tried the wrong app.?

Essential oils: aromatherapy works a little but the sound of the water in the diffuser keeps me up!

Reading: I read an article about reading an actual book instead of reading on an iPad. The light from the iPad will keep you up. When I read, I get obsessed with the book and can’t put it down, so I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.

Games: playing games on my iPad makes me tired, but I think the light keeps me up. Has anyone tried light blocking glasses?

Look forward to hearing your ideas!

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