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Hypnosis – First Visit

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Yes, I tried hypnosis! I was able to drive now and did not have to inconvenience anyone to take me anywhere. On this day, I went to see my Psychologist. Even though I was driving, I was not better. The Xanax was taking longer to wear off, so that boosted my confidence enough to drive. I was still desperate for a solution. I had been on Pexeva for about four and a half weeks now and still thought it was’t working. My Psychologist asked if I was open to trying “different” methods of relieving the anxiety. “Hmmmm, YES!!! ANYTHING!” I would have eaten bugs at this point, if I thought it would help. She made a phone call and in just a couple of hours, someone would be putting me “under”. How nice to not feel anything for a while, or to be calm and relaxed at the snap of someone’s fingers.

The Hypnotist was an older man with a deep voice. We talked a little bit about my situation and his experience with hypnosis. He explained that hypnosis was not about him trying to control my mind. He was just going to try to get me in a more relaxed state, by reaching my subconscious (something like that). Just like in the movies, he had me stare into a swirly black and white spinning wheel. I started laughing. Seriously? Yes, seriously.

As I stared into the spinning swirl, he spoke to me about clearing my mind and trying to relax. At one point I had my eyes closed and he was talking about a white light. It was warm and comforting. I could almost feel it, with the way he was describing it. The light was something I could see in my mind, and almost feel on my skin. It was a tool I could use if I felt like my anxiety was trying to take over.

When the session was done, I felt less anxious. I was pretty excited. I didn’t think I was cured, but I felt like it made a difference. The hypnotist was one of those genuine people that truly wanted to help. He said I could go back for a second session, free of charge. I scheduled it for a few days later and looked forward to some “less anxiety”. I would say I was looking forward to relaxation, but I knew that wasn’t yet possible. The next session would prove it wasn’t yet possible!

The second (and last) session did not go as well, as the first session. This time, it would take a lot more than a white light to save me!

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