Getting Help for an Anxiety Disorder

Getting a 2nd Opinion

Week 3 on Pexeva and Xanax XR and NO CHANGE!

I added another professional to my team of doctors. I realized that my Obstetrician, whom I LOVE, has to deal with women’s health issues all of the time. My husband had become friends with him, because of fishing, of course. My husband gave him a call to talk about the changes he was witnessing in me. The OB spoke to my husband for a long time and apparently his sister had just gone through something similar. I immediately made an appointment to see him that week.

My mom drove me to see my OB that week. He had delivered my two babies and was there when I “short-circuited” during my 2nd delivery. I trusted him completely. It was a great talk. He told me the story about what his sister had gone through. Her story was so similar to mine, that I could not believe it. The only difference between my story and hers, was that her brother (my OB) was a doctor and had connections at the hospital, obviously. He had been so concerned for his sister, that he hospitalized her and had every single test done. Everything was checked and they came up with nothing.

She too, was put on medication, similar to the medication I was on. She had been on it for about 8 months and was already feeling remarkable. He reassured me that I was on the right path and needed to be patient. The problem with SSRI’s, like Pexeva, is that they take time to work. Well, that is the WORST thing for someone with an anxiety disorder!!!

Note: an SSRI is defined as a “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor” in WebMD. It is a class of medications prescribed for anxiety, depression and other “mental” disorders. They are tricky business, but now that I had a 4th doctor tell me I was doing the right thing, I decided to see it through. I started to believe that MAYBE I did in fact have an anxiety disorder and not some adverse reaction to medications, or some other rare disease.

They say it takes a village. Well, at this point my primary care physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, and obstetrician, along with my family, were all involved and necessary in helping me get well. This was no joke.

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