Getting Help for an Anxiety Disorder

Week 2 on Pexeva

My mom drove me to my next appointment to see the psychiatrist. I could no longer think, or talk about what was happening to me. My mom, however, had plenty to say. She told the doctor that she wanted me off of every pill and wanted answers. She told him she did not recognize the woman sitting next to her. I remember her saying “LOOK AT HER! This isn’t her!” All I could do was cry, of course.

The psychiatrist gently and calmly reassured my mom (as she yelled at him) that this was anxiety. “This is what an anxiety disorder looks like” he said. He had seen this thousands of times before. In fact, I was not the worst he had seen! I could not imagine that anyone could be worse off than me! He told her that I would not get better until I started to take the right dose. He had started me on a low dose because of my fear of taking any medication at all. We left the office that day with a new plan.

That night I tripled the dose on Pexeva and continued with Xanax five times a day. If I was already feeling horrible, not functioning and afraid of everything, I had nothing to lose.

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